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Grab your sword and shield, then travel the KingsRoad to uncover and defeat this threat. Your adventures will take you from Edgewood Forest to the snowy peaks of Deveral and beyond. You’ll meet true companions, treacherous turncoats, bloodthirsty foes, and one stubborn princess. Find your courage, Knight: Uncover the truth of the Shroud and you’ll forge a legend that will endure forever in the songs of the realm. Get the Kings Road hack down below!

Kings Road Hack

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About The Game

KingsRoad is a browser based online RPG and is part of the increasing number of games that aim to combine Diablo style gameplay with MMO features. The game was developed by Rumble Entertainment with a release in March 2013.

In Kings R, players may control a knight, archer or wizard character, and may switch between these at will between quests if they decide they would like a change in playstyle. The knight specializes in close-up attacks, while both the archer and wizard attack from a distance using arrows and spells respectively. Each character class has its own unique pieces of equipment that the others may not use, while some other equipment is universal across all three classes in the kings game. Each class also has its own “skill tree” of abilities to unlock as the player levels up. One skill point is gained on each level up, and this may be applied to any of the available skills, the selection of which gradually expands as the player increases in level witch happens faster if you use our cheats ;)
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Players will brave countless dungeons all the while exploring the detailed world of Alderstone. Using action combat similar to games such as Diablo, players will slash their way through nefarious packs of monsters and epic bosses. Fans of loot heavy games will find KingsRoad filled with gear to try on. The game features impressive browser graphics with fluid animations and allows players to invite their friends to play through an easy to use friend list.
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KingsRoad is one hell of a game. Not only is it brilliant fun on its own merits, but it sets a new bar for what can be expected on Facebook. Rumble Entertainment has crafted a beautiful dungeon crawler with all of the trimmings, and playing with other players in real time couldn’t be easier or more satisfying (unless you use cheats which is even more fun). If you’re a fan of Diablo or Torchlight, KingsRoad is your new addiction, hands down. Full-fledged gaming has finally come to Facebook. Get the kings road cheats above.

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